Puppy & Kitten Care

I understand that if you could you would spend all day looking after your new puppy or kitten, but where life is too busy to allow this I am on hand to help.

For puppies, sometimes mental stimulation is just as tiring, if not more tiring, than actually going on a short walk. Mental stimulation is important for all dogs, but particularly with puppies. With larger breeds, you may also be concerned that you do not want to over-exercise your puppy, but do not want them to be left alone all day where they may become bored and start creating mischief. As well as play and cuddles, I am happy to provide basic dog training during my visits and stimulating games such as ‘find it’ to help challenge your puppy mentally whilst you are out. Please do let me know if you would like me to incorporate this into your puppy’s routine.

iStock_000003608731_ExtraSmall[1]My Puppy and Kitten Care service offers up to 1 hour visits to your little bundles of joy. I will let your little ones out to go to the toilet, take on short walks (if requested), play, feed them and clean up any accidents to ensure that your puppy or kitten has a stimulating and happy day whilst you are out.

Every puppy or kitten’s requirements are different, so please talk to me about your little one’s needs and I will tailor a package to suit.

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