Dog Walking


You and your dog will benefit from my flexible dog walking packages which start at £9 for half an hour.

I tailor dog walks to suit your dog’s energy level, whether your dog needs a nice gentle walk or a good run, I can have a package to suit you.

About group walks

If you think your dog could do with the extra mental stimulation of walking and socialising with other dogs, my group walks are perfect for you. Dogs can be walked on or off lead, depending on your requirements. Where possible, your dog will be walked away from roads and in the most stimulating and fun environment available.

The number of dogs on a group walk is kept to an appropriate size, this depends on the particular dogs being walked in the group- sometimes 3 is enough, but if the dogs walk well together 4 may be taken as well as my own dog, Lia, who may join the pack. Dogs on group walks are carefully selected to be compatible with each other so that they can all enjoy the walk i.e. elderly dogs would not be walked with overly enthusiastic youngsters that might cause them to be distressed, or males who do not tolerate other males would be walked with other females, if possible, or taken on a solo walk if this was not possible.

About solo walks

Not all dogs can be or enjoy being walked in a group. If your dog would be happier on a solo walk, or is not able to be walked in a group, for example, dogs in season or grumpy growlers,  I also provide one-to-one dog walking in Bristol, subject to availability. Dog walks can incorporate play and mental games if required, or just a simple leisurely stroll for more mature dogs.

Peace of Mind

I will send you a complimentary text message to let you know that your dog has been walked and is safely back at home.

I am trained to administer Dog First Aid and always carry a first aid kit in the car so I am ready and able to deal with any little situations that might arise.

Being a dog owner, I understand that it is important for any training routine to be consistently applied, so if your dog is in training, I would be more than happy to continue with your techniques on walks, ensuring that your training method is as consistent and therefore as effective as possible.

Just so you know, the time it takes to put on leads/harnesses etc. and towel dry your dog at the end of the walk does not affect the time your dog is walked for – your dog will be walked for the full 30 minutes/1 hour.

Prices and Offers

Please visit my prices page for full details.

Further information

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me for a friendly chat about dog walking in Bristol and how I can help you. Details can be found on my contact page.