Dog Training Bristol

yawning dogI have had dogs all my life. I used to watch my Dad training our family dogs and always loved joining in. Years later, I own a Dobermann that I have taken to training classes and worked with her alongside other trainers. I have watched her grow into the wonderful good natured and well mannered that dog that she is. She is a pleasure to be around. That is not to say she has always been perfect. Like with every dog, I have encountered behavioural issues and have worked kindly and persistently to help her be the perfect companion that she is today.

I have completed a dog training course with the IMDT using positive reward based training and I plan to continue to expand my knowledge by attending more courses in the future.

I have had great results with all difficult types of behavioural problems and am continuing to learn from these experiences every day. All dogs are different and they learn in different ways – there is no one size fits all approach.

If you are experiencing behavioural difficulties with your dog(s) and perhaps feel like nothing you try is working, please give me a call and we can discuss finding a solution that works for you and your dog.

Please take the time to read the testimonials below from my training clients. Prices start from just £40 per hour. Further testimonials can be found on my Testimonials page.


Following recommendation, Roger started looking after our puppy Barney for 3 days a week whilst we were at work. It is true to say that Barney loves Roger’s visits, and has great fun as can be seen by the photos on Roger’s Facebook page. We recently called on Roger to do some specific training with a problem we had. We had been struggling for some time to sort this ourselves, but eventually admitted defeat! 1 hour of Roger’s training later and we had been put on the right road, and the issue appears to be a thing of the past. He explained in detail where we were going wrong, demonstrated the correct way of dealing with it, then watched as we put it into practice.

Whether it is the daily looking after of Barney or specific training, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Roger to anyone. He is reliable, completely understanding and totally flexible to your situation.”  

Dave, Farmborough

“We have a 14 month old West Highland Terrier called Alan. Alan was what we considered to be a naughty puppy. He ignored every command, was stubborn and his recall was non existent. It was stressful walking him, he nipped guests and chased children playing, scooters, bikes. It was a constant battle and hard work taking him anywhere. As a last resort before rehoming him we asked Roger if he thought there was anything he could do to help.

Roger quickly diagnosed Alan’s problems and insecurities and worked with us on a step-by-step plan to improve his behaviour. Me and my daughters chose to do the training ourselves with Roger’s guidance. He was on the other end of the phone as often as we needed and gave us support when we were confused or struggling. Amazingly, we saw a difference within the first week then in the weeks that followed it felt we had a completely different dog.

We can’t believe what a well behaved, content and above all happy dog we now have thanks to Roger. We enjoy walking him, he listens and people even remark on his good behaviour. Roger’s passion for what he does really shows and he genuinely cares for the dogs and families he is working with. I would highly recommend him for training or pet care.”  

Mel M.  

“We have a 22 month old chocolate labrador, Gibbs, whose boundless energy and natural instincts have presented some real challenges in recall and walking on the lead etc. After a fantastic training session with Roger and follow up confirmation on his walks with Gibbs (Roger is also our dog walker) and our own has delivered huge success in improving Gibbs’ discipline.

We continue to work with Roger, whose first class guidance and advice continues to deliver improvements where we genuinely thought none were possible. A fantastic outcome and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Roger is clearly talented, with a natural passion for what he does, which always derives the very best of results.

If you’re looking for a dog trainer or a dog walker, you simply couldn’t do any better than Roger.”  

Craig & Rachel R. 

“Roger was recommended to me to help with a few issues with my rescue Border Collie, Bertie. These range from pulling on the lead to selective recall on walks, and growling at some dogs/ people. After just a couple of sessions with Roger there is already a noticeable improvement. He listens to the problem and provides a simple explanation, with clear advice on how to resolve.

Roger is hugely passionate about his work and has an obvious love of dogs. He is also very patient in training the owner!

We have a way to go, but with his help are heading in the right direction and I am confident Bertie will be a happy, well behaved dog.”

Sarah H.  

“We were worried about Henry our Jack Russell and some of his behaviours and reactions to certain people, but couldn’t work out how to help the little guy. Roger came round to do some work with us and was very patient (with everyone involved)! No question is too big or too small, and he’s been there for us with any follow ups too. Henry is already a happier chap after a couple of weeks. Highly recommend, both for people and canine training!”

Sarah & Stuart 

“We have had a lot of issues with our boxer dog fudge from pulling on the lead to no recall and even what I called attacking me when out walking. We have tried a number of behaviourists in the past spent loads of money and was very nearly running out of hope, options and patience until we got recommended to Roger. I explained everything to Roger and he had an answer and explanation, advise and ways to help on all our issues. We now have an improved dog, much better on lead no attacks which was explained as excitement not aggressive behaviour and is starting to learn recall. He still needs more training but Roger is always at the end of the phone for when we have questions or need help & advise. Best money I have spent & would certainly recommend. Thank you Roger.”